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Pin-Up X

The last of the Pair-a-thon Pin up Prizes – a very sexy Security dressed as a French Waiter (A la the Manga/Anime Antique Bakery) serving Driver in a sundress for NJ. :D

This one was fun. Security gets to be sexy and Driver gets to be cute. She’s got some 20′s thing going on…I think. Whatever; I like the hat.

Hope you like it NJ! :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“So Deep In Love With You” by Joel Auge


I’ve just realised… :shocked: Security looks/acts like a less evil version of Gin from Bleach! Think about it! You don’t notices them until they scare the bejuisus out of you, they can both sneek into any room locked or not, they both can’t stop smiling and they both know a lot more then they let on! All Security needs is whiter hair and a capitans cloak and Ichigo and his gang could come any minute to kick his ass!
And I can’t help but smack myself upside the head for not noticing it until now! x_x


Yup! :) To create Security, we’re convinced Liliy channeled every single squinty-eyed-and-smiling character in the history of manga and anime. He’s like Hakkai from Saiyuki/Reload/Gunlock sometimes, too.


XD Perfect! Security looks neat in a waiter’s uniform. And Driver looks really nifty in her 1920s-style outfit. Nice job.


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