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Pin-Up XI

You can see the full sized version of WAM (in it’s correct orientation) in my devaintart gallery HERE!

I love how this turned out. *ahem*

I’ve been obsessed with Axis Powers Hetalia (Anime where the Countries of the World are represented by over-sterotyped people who act out historical events. It’s hilarious.) lately, and well, it’s put me in a historical mood.

So, I drew Mordred as King George III and Wiglaf as King Gustav III. They both ruled the United Kingdom and Sweden repsectively; their reigns overlapped for a few years.

Anyway, the point is I wanted to do a horrible pun. If you haven’t spotted it; than clearly you didn’t recognize my miserable excuse for a checker’s board. :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” -The Lion King


In the game of checkers all the pieces, red & black, are on the same colored tiles (traditionally black). Some of your pieces are the wrong colors.

You could be going for a different game, but that’s what it seems at first blush.



You love Hetalia too! Whee! I didn’t know the anime was out. *runs off to watch*


Anyway, the pinup. I love the colors. Everything looks so shiny. *_* The pun was fun too, and I got it right away. XD

On another note, I never noticed that Wiglaf’s eyes were that color. Hm.


I love the artwork here; it’s very elegant. It kind of reminds me of stylized portraits or elaborately designed playing cards and tarot cards. You drew the mountainous background and the cloudy sky well. What gave you the idea for that background?

And that’s a perfect pun; I got it right away. :D


let me be the idiot to ask, “What is the pun?”

(I just want to make sure I got the pun right, and help people who don’t get the pun.)


They’re dressed as Kings playing Checkers. A move in checkers is the classic “King me” – so double pun. :D


and someone can only say “king me” if the player’s color go to the opponent’s side.

so, who is red and who is black?


you know i just realized that when ever you draw Wiglaf with actuall eyes instead of just black dots, he seems a lot more mature or somthin. idk he just sets off a cooler mood. anyway looooovvvveee the whole thing!! oh and i think that Dappled, the fic. you wrote on should be updated. :lol2: i keep rereading it…….and it was how i found wam. :love:


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