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So~ It’s been a long weekend. XD So we’ll celebrate with an extra long news post:

Let’s start with today’s comic before getting into the busy weekend stuff:

So, I get a tweet from Aja wishing WAM a Happy Birthday and my first reaction was – “Wha?” before checking the calendar and going “ACK!”

Figures that the Birthday Pin-Up would be oh, 22hrs late. Go me. XD Enjoy the shout out to last year’s Birthday Pin-Up as WAM celebrates 4 Years since the first strip.

As for the strip itself – lots of fun. My personal favorite is the polka-dot bikini.

Also – today’s Swedish Translation is brought to you by Google Translate. I figured it was an easy enough sentence to risk it an automated translation as the decision for him to be yelling in Swedish was far too last minute to e-mail my usual translation source. XD If it’s wrong; please tell me and I will fix it ASAP. If it’s right – awesome.

Okay! Now for the long weekend stuff.

I did the 24Hr Comic Day Challenge. Which is why the comic’s late in the first place. XD So if you haven’t read it yet – go do so now.

HANDS – Liliy’s 24 Hour Comic Day 2009

Oh! And right after I finished I did a quick interview on TGT Webcomics.  I believe he’ll be breaking up the sections but for now you can listen to it: Episode 66.5 – 24 Hour Comic Day I’m in Part I – from hour 2:10 to 2:21 :)


Just outta curiosity, is there a place for us to find translations of what Wiglaf’s saying, for us definately-not-Swedish speakers? I’d shove it through a translation program, but I hate making accent marks.

And, as usual, adore the comic.


My philosophy with translations is if the majority of the cast doesn’t get to know what he’s saying, neither does the reader. XD

I guess deep down I don’t understand the point of writing something in another language if I’m just going to slap up a translation too…

And I’m with ya; b/c I don’t speak Swedish either. XD


Nice job on the 24 Hour Comic! It’s great you did that. Also great to hear the TGT interview. Good job. :D

Ha ha, Driver hates being overshadowed, and poor Wiglaf hates seeing his sister in this state. Mordred’s probably just chomping on cake while he ignores the situation. XD

Yay sexy Brat! The polka-dot bikini is nicely done. :cool: Also thanks for the link back to Driver’s own birthday bikini extravaganza last year. Sexy Driver, yeah! :love:


The Brat is back. Poor Driver, and poor Wiglaf. Now who will get her covered first? Driver in cake, or Wiglaf in clothing?

I wonder what Camlann would say.

Happy birthday, WAM/TAWM. Congratulations on four years, Liliy.


Ooh! Now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about. Driver certainly had enthusiasm when she tried doing the whole ‘popping-out-of-a-cake’ thing, but the only ones that really have the figure to pull it off right are Brat, Brynhildr, Janus, and maybe Boudica. Brat also has both the figure AND the enthusiasm. She also seems to know how to strike a sexy pose already. (Again driver, points for enthusiasm, but Brat takes the cake here. No pun intended.)


XD Mordred is amazing. He has THE BEST reaction to Brat popping out of cake. Don’t worry Driver… Whenever I get around to it I’ll draw YOU popping out of that cake for Mordred. :P


XD Mordred. If only Security were there as well . . .

:lol2: Mordred’s hair is magically black again.


Non-storyline strips feature his hair in its normal color just to you know, remind me it’s not naturally pink. XD


The 24-hour comic is down. It says “Accessing the content by IP Address is not allowed. Please type the domain name instead.”

I realize it’s like, half a year after you posted this, but I’m sure I and new(er) readers would like to see it, as well. :P


Well of course Mordred is uninterested! The cake is obviously not red velvet, if it’s even a real cake at all. I doubt that freakin’ ‘ussie would use real cake and icing anyway. Prolly too ‘fraid o’messin up her ‘air! Trus’ me, Ainsley’s got nuffin ta fear from the likes uv’er. Brainless little whelp, she is, then.


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