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Pin-Up XIV

Apparently listening to Lady Gaga is added to my list of things I should never do before drawing WaM. Now if I only remember what strip I last posted that list on…I could add it to it. :D

*still listening to Bad Romance on loop* I just can’t stop listening. 0_0  *bought her album today* It made it completely impossible to do anything else but draw Wiglaf and Mordred as singers in costume.

This strip also proves why Liliy should never design clothing. Ever. And yet…I’m still really happy with it.

And if you haven’t figured it out yet – the title is an homage to ‘Bad Romance’ :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga


I think I’m terrified?

But I can’t stop looking at it….it’s so shiny….

And I totally understand about the Lady Gaga loop…I think I had a half-week where I listened to nothing but ‘Just Dance’.


Wow. Wiglaf managed to tie his chainmaille around his waist. That would be difficult for any but himself.

I’m going to break the chain of horror here by daring to submit that this picture is actually rather cute, in a strange way. Nice work!


Ain’t it amazing where you can get your inspiration for portraits? :happy:

So Wiglaf’s into jeans and Mordred’s going for some embellished shepherd-like tunic. And they’re both mixing dark blue with goldish-orange. Funny concept! :D


I was expecting more of Horatio pummeling Geoffry, but I think this is actually funnier given the context of the last strip!
Horatio:”I longed to see you!” *kiss*
Horatio:”Ahh…” *glomp*
Horatio: “Only one thing could make this better.”
Geoffry: “And… that would be..?”
“Give a kiss of copper glance, but not a speck of that bad romance!”
:lol: Priceless.

Lady Gaga’s music is infectious, but so is the common cold. It falls under the category of “songs I accidentally end up humming when my mind wanders”.


I agree that Lady Gaga is incredibly infectious. She’s one of the artists that I feel a little dirty for liking as much as I do…


Hey the outfits aren’t that bad, reminds me of a few Jpop bands I’ve seen =)

Also, ebil cliffhanger!

Perhaps I should listen to this song sometime…


I love Mordred’s hair in this. <3 I vote it should look like that in the comic!


I second that!


I third it and in speaking for a dear friend who loves this comic, but is waaaaay too chicken to post it, give a fourth vote in her place. =D


Someone scared to post? :wow: Am I that scary? XD

…or are they embarrassed to like it? D:


No, no, you’re not scary at all! She’s just a total coward about posting ANY of her own thoughts or comments on an internet chat board or forum, for fear that someone will think she’s stupid. :meh: *shrugs*

But no, she’s not at all scared of how much she likes your comic and gave thumbs up to the clothing! (she went to college for three years of fashion design!!)

So from both me and her, please keep up the wonderfully witty work! xD


Aw~ Well let her know that there’s no such thing as a stupid comment at WaM if she ever feels up to it. *nod nod*

And tell her thank-you! A compliment from a fashion designer. :D Awesome~


The way Mordred is posed makes him look like he’s trying to hypnotize the audience. And all things considered, he’d probably succeed.

I like Lady Gaga too. :D


I’ve been reading this comic for a while now, and I think it’s amazing! The reason I’m commenting now is to complain–I can’t stop listening to “Bad Romance!” (Or watching it, for that matter, simply because the video confuses me to pieces.) So . . . thanks for introducing me to an amazing song, even if I’m sure my roommate it getting tired of it.


Hey Lily! You should convince Mordred to get that gradient! It looks fab. But not Wiglaf. No, no gradient for him. Just be blonde, my baby boy. Just be blonde.


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