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Pin-Up XIX

Some of you may be questioning today’s Pin-Up.

First of all, this is (of course) a request of one of the pair-a-thon winners – KGJ/CageyJay. I feel obligated to clarify this request however as KGJ did not quite ask for this. :D

Way back when she was first asked for what she wanted, she came up with something but I forget what it was and she came back with a replacement request that was and I quote:

“…let’s see some ‘tentacle pr0nz’: Let’s get a look at Lancelot tending his mad garden.

…er, in PG-13, of course.”

I of course laugh hysterically at the idea and went  all: Awesome. Done.

Of course today I get a second e-mail going “You know I was joking about the tentacle thing, right?”

Ha ha. No. :sly:  No I didn’t. She should have known better. And now the rest of you do as well.  You can’t joke with that sort of thing around me. I’ll draw it.

*inserts sleep deprived hysterical laughter*

I wuv you KGJ~ :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Feed Me (Git It)” -Audrey II (From The Little Shop of Horrors)


Let this be a lesson to those that might joke about such things.

And also to mad scientists that deal in vines.

…hurray for tentacle pr0n! XD


The herbivorous gardener makes a tempting treat for the carnivorous vegetation. XD Next time, Lancelot, bring a steak to throw to that creature!


KGJ, never forget, tone doesn’t travel well over text… :/

Of course, I always welcome more Little Shop of Horrors references!


But I did ask to see Lance tending his garden! Excuse me, his mad garden. Which of necessity would have tentacles. I just should have known better than to add the “pr0nz” part for a joke. XD But then you might have been tempted to have Lance sedately trimming a hedge or something, wouldn’t you, Liliy? I hope you enjoyed this much better.

Thank you, this is perfect, actually. I can see this sort of thing happening to Lance on a daily basis as he strives to hybridize a perfectly aggressive clematis. He probably knows exactly how to get himself out of this situation. If not… well, somebody will find and figure out Audreys IIL, IL, and L someday.

Poor Lance. He’ll probably have to name his first kid “Bud.”
I wuv you, too, Liliy. Thank you for drawing this pin-up for me. :D


Would you believe I actually have a similar sketch in my stack of scribbles? Seriously, a LancelotXHissy picture I drew out of boredom during my government class.

I don’t know if that is really cool or just plain freaky…


I didn’t realize Lancelot x Hissy was a couple people thought of. XD Now I know better.


I don’t support LancelotXHissy, but one of the things I do when bored is come up with crack pairings and the idea was so horribly hilarious I had to draw it.

It’s not anywhere this awesome looking, though. :)


I LOVE IT! i especially love the “Little shop of Horrors” quote (was the stage manager for it once). Don’t worry Lancy you’ll get over Driver eventually, but for now I’ll just make sure Hissy gets his growth hormone… muwahahahaha! *joins Lilly in sleep depraved laughter*.


Well now I’m scarred for life. I hope you’re happy.

Kidding of course, very cool picture though the facehugger style action there is a bit… yeah…

I can totally see this happening though, probably with greater regularity than he would like =)


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