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Pin-Up XLV

It’s up!

Last of the Pair-a-Thon prizes! This one’s for Blackford who wanted a Hawaiian Vacation for Wiglaf, Driver and Mordred. :)

Mordred rented a beach and then proceeded to not enjoy it. Sun isn’t him. :P

Wiglaf and Driver, on the other hand, lived it up.




Two things: I cannot help but see Mordred’s outfit as a psychiatric ward patient’s and

Driver’s not wearing a top?


Well, it could be convinent leis or the string of the bikini only ties around her neck and is hidden by the leis. Or she strips when she drunk. Take your pick!


If she’s managed that with a string bikini, colour me impressed. As far as I can figure, you’d need a decent rack to pull that off so the bottom of the bikini bra would have enough weight on it to provide any coverage.

Don’t think Driver has a generous enough figure to even contemplate that… So she’s probably topless. XD


Sorry, but I have to ask: Is Wiglaf wearing that towel or just holding it in front of him?


It’s not a towel, it’s a lava lava. You can tell by the way it’s tied in front.


Sorry, but before I saw your comment I didn’t know what a lava lava is.

(See folks! Reading webcomics *can* teach you something! Thanks!)


Ha ha, thanks Liliy! That’s a great portrait. I like how they’re gazing out at the sun over the ocean while the sky above displays nighttime color and stars. It adds a lot of atmosphere.

Poor Mordred looks very uncomfortable. XD It’s a very nice setting for the three of them.


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