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Pin-Up XV


And what better Christmas gift than a math problem? :D


How much force is it taking Wiglaf to keep the tree at its current 90 degree angle (in relation to his grip, aka torque = 0) assuming Mordred is accurate and the tree is 20ft long, weighing approximately 350lbs, resting on Wiglaf’s shoulder at about 2’6″ from the base with Wiglaf’s hands at 1’6″ from the base?

Second question.

Knowing the answer to the above question, would you ever pick a fight with that boy?

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and take it easy!

(oh! And I got my Secret Santa Gift from the Milk Forums!! :D Check it out here from the lovely Choices!)

Song Listening Recommendation:
“The Christmas Shoes” by New Song

(This song makes me cry every time I hear it. T_T )


Assuming the weight is distributed evenly for the whole length of the tree, the 2.5′ of trunk in front of Wiglaf will balance the first 2.5′ behind him. That means 5′ of the tree is in balance, and requires no torque to hold it in place.

5′ of the tree is .25 of the total, so Wiglaf is ‘only’ counterbalancing the rotational force of .75 of the tree’s weight.. 350x.75=262.5 lbs. We can model that weight as a 15′ even beam starting 2.5′ from the balance point and ending 20′ from the balance point.

The center of gravity for that beam will be at the center of its length, 7.5′ from either end. Since the end of the unbalanced beam starts 2.5′ behind Wiglaf’s shoulder, the center of mass for the unbalanced part will be 7.5+2.5=10′ from the balance point.

The tree is at an angle (let’s call it 30 degrees), so part of the unbalanced force will be trying to rotate the tree and part of it will be trying to slide toward the balance point. The rotational component will be cos(30)x262.5=227.3 lbs, and the sliding component will be sin(30)x262.5=131.25 lbs.

Wiglaf’s grip is 1′ from the balance point, and the center of unbalanced mass is 10′ from the balance point, so Wiglaf has to exert force at a 10:1 ratio to keep the rotational system in equilibrium. That’s 2273 lbs worth of force, or a bit north of a ton.

To keep the tree from sliding (ignoring the friction from his coat, which would admittedly be a pretty large factor), he has to push backwards with 131.25 lbs worth of force.

All things told, he’s carrying the tree pretty inefficiently. He’d need a *lot* less force to carry it at a steeper angle. That suggests the difference between a few hundred pounds and a ton is small enough for him to ignore, so let’s assume that it’s 10% of his lifting capacity.

That puts his “now I have to care about doing this efficiently” level somewhere around 10 tons of force, and no, I wouldn’t want to arm-wrestle someone like that.


I love that someone other than my brother did the math. XD Because I’ll be honest; I didn’t know the answer myself. Yay!


I am also very impressed. But wether or not I knew that answer i would still never pick a fight with that boy.


I haven’t done the math, but something else occurred to me: what the hell is that ‘tree’ made of? Even with rough estimates of the forces involved, it shouldn’t be anywhere near strong enough to withstand that kind of shear without breaking.


It’s at this point that I’d like to mention something wonderful called ‘cartoon physics’. :D It makes anything possible. *pets it*



And I already knew that I wouldn’t want to go up against Wiglaf in a fight, he can lift a boulder bigger than he is over his head with no obvious effort, the tree only cements this. :P


I second what Eheheh said: we all already knew Wiglaf is ridiculously strong.

What astonishes me is the fact that Mordred is actually wearing COLOR outside his habitual orange scarf!!! o.o


Yeah, I’m too lazy to do any sort of math past “can I add one more cookie to my stomach” on Christmas.

Love the pin-up, though. Issit bad I noticed Mordred’s jacket was pink before I noticed his hair was black?


according to what i learned in physics class

i found Wiglaf is putting a little under 6,000 Newtons on the tree


Ha ha, maybe they’ll have to put this Christmas tree out on the lawn outside the apartment, if the building’s rules allow it. Or maybe Wiglaf’s super strength can crush the tree down to a more manageable size. :D

Merry Christmas!!


that’s it, I’m making Wiglaf as my next Champions Online character


Champions Online?


Its a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that uses the Champions setting. It is based off of the Champions pnp (pen and paper) superhero setting, which is well known (at least to those who play such games) for having a very well developed rule set which allows for creating just about any superhero or villain that you could desire.

Cryptic Studios (mostly known for their work on the superhero MMO City of Heroes) developed it, and its been open for.. 4ish months I think. Maybe a little longer. Overall its a pretty quality game, though it suffers from a few design flaws that its predecessor held. Its pvp (player vs player) content is very poorly designed and it seems a little lacking in content overall. The whole game is currently spread over 5 or 6 zones, and while they are quite large and the space is used effectively it does give the impression of lack of variety and somewhat lazy development at times. That being said, the graphics are very well done, the quest lines are well written, it captures the superhero theme very well, and its generally pretty fun.

Geesh that was something of an essay wasn’t it…

Well hopefully it was interesting or informative at least!


You know I was wondering exactly how strong Wiglaf was. Now I think it’s pretty clear he could bench press a train if he wanted to.
*sigh* If only he wasn’t fictional…


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