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Pin-Up XVI

Argh; Normally I don’t like doing pin-ups in the middle of chapters but today’s WaM just didn’t want to be written. Ah well. I know some people wanted to see this anyway. XD

For Pin-Up VII you got a young 19 year old Madame Garrott – well now you’ve got a young 25 year old Master Garrott. :D

Ha ha. He’s a total monster. Seriously. It’s just all out of frame. *hugs him*

As for the water bit – Old Arthur Garrott, Sr. is just that hardcore. Who needs wine?

Song Listening Recommendation:
“Don’t Drink the Water” by Tears For Fears


The lyrics that totally popped into my head upon looking at this picture were Skillet’s “Monster” from their most recent CD. Holy cow, I love a really good bad guy. xD
Besides, *I* think it’s way awesome to see Master Garrott in his prime, even if it’s technically “filler”.

And yay, stealing 1st comment spot!


BTW, I forgot to say – I *LOVE* that skull he’s holding onto! “Alas, poor innocent bystander. I’d quote Hamlet and call you Yorick, but I doubt that is your name and I failed to ask you first.”



Nice work, with the modifications to your general style, Liliy. And that’s a great idea with the playing off of perspective regarding the tumbling biological fluids stream. No wonder Camlann was downright terrified of this guy…. and no wonder Azrael holds him in healthy respect, too.


That’s a superb portrait. Mr. Garrott bearing a glass in one hand and a skull in the other is very effective in capturing his dramatic character. The angle showing the stream flowing down the vent is also nicely done. Very unnerving and foreboding. :)


Very nice picture, and I love his expression, but I have one question. Are we not able to see the rest of his white shirt because it’s covered by his jacket? I can see the ends of the sleeves, but not any of the rest of the shirt.


Ha ha. It’s built into his sleeves.

Because the author forgot to fix it when she decided he’d be shirtless. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha.


‘Cause it’s unbuttoned and tucked away beneath the jacket?
Also, I suspect it’s to appease the Goddesses of Beefcake.


I like the fact that it seems as though if you put this pin-up alongside the one of Madame Garrott, the two just seem to fit together.

Maybe it’s just me.


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