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Sedrick needs a hug or something.

Yeah. Uh, wasn’t planning on a pin-up but between running around packing, a concert, work and the excitement of going someplace fun this weekend…this is what you get.

Speaking of the good stuff -

I’m going to Katsucon this weekend!!! :D At least one day I’ll be cosplaying as Mordred (You might also spot me as Hazel Grouse from Saiyuki depending on me mood). Well, the Mordred you see here. Because I’m a loser and didn’t make his shirt. XD So if you happen to be at the convention you might spot me – I plan on wearing the blaze orange scarf all weekend. :D

Oh, and that means WaM on Sunday will be very late or be up on Monday. :D

Have a great weekend everyone!!

(Pair-A-Thon winners will still be announced on Sunday! :D Today & Tomorrow are the last days to vote!)

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Marukaite Chikyuu” from Hetalia


Aww! Monday! Boooo~! :*( Thanks to this pic, I want to know about Segrics past though. That might be a good plot!
And once again… HETALIA~!!! :lol2:


AWWW, SEDRICK. I’d snuggle you.

I’m also hoping to go to Katsucon this weekend, I’ll look for ya! Probably just on Saturday though, but sadly, if I go, I won’t be cosplaying. ^^;; (maybe Otakon!!)


My inside sources tell me that there may also be a Wiglaf appearing with Mordred, so Katsuconers look out for the chain mail.


SEDRICK NEEDS A HUG. I WILL GIVE HIM A HUG. *big gigantic bear hug*

Also, I totally created some of the WaM characters in Sims 2. I’ll show you some screencaps later….(I gave them this HUGE house, and they’re gonna spend forever wandering around going ‘what’s this’ before doing anything important.)


*hugs Sedrick*

*gets stabbed*


(well, killing people cheers him up, right? So… mission accomplished, I guess) x_x


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