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The first of the Pair-A-Thon winner requests – This one’s for Caitlin for her 2nd Place Entry: Gawain x Arthur.

She wanted a half-naked Gawain with blood. I have provided!

And I went to my old school style of drawing blood instead of the drippy water color brush I’ve been favoring in the comic. I think it turned out okay.

And it’s also sort of a spoiler. XD B/c Gawain wears that necklace under his turtle neck. :D Yay!


Skeletons are sexy.

There! I said it! Good night.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“In the Shadows” by The Rasmus


o.O ooh
I wonder what it could mean/be?

Does he even remember that?

I never thought about it, but he has had quite a bit of brain damage. I wonder if he’s forgotten who he used to be.. And who did he used to be anyway?


He’ll probably be fine. That is, unless he’s forgotten that he now works for Arthur Jr. Sedrick would extract a pound of flesh for that offense.


That’s it. Now you’ve done it, Liliy. There’s no reversing it.

The quintessential picture of Gawain now requires that he have a hole in the middle of his forehead.


That necklace Gawain is wearing looks neat. The stone has some good-looking colors and a nice gleam. Although if I were Gawain, I might not feel comfortable wearing a necklace that might be worth something around the Garrott mansion. In a house full of crazy criminals, Gawain might get mugged by someone looking to make a few quick bucks off his necklace.


I’m sure anyone in or working for the Garrot family gets paid pretty well. They do, after all, they seem to get maimed on a regular basis. Though Grace seems like he’d take it just to mess with Gawain’s poor little brain-damaged head.


I… I’m sorry everybody. It has to be said at some point. *ahem* I think Gawains necklace may be what makes him undead.
*sniff* and I thought this comic could be kept pure and clean of speculation… :(


I think you might be onto something there… But what about the golden egg, spork. and swamp witch? Or the blowfish?


Interesting reveal on the necklace….oooooo…it’s maliciously shiny!!!!!! :ohhyeahh:

Gaiwan makes being undead look good, huh? :cool: Nice job on the blood. I have to admit, I’m mildly surprised the bone’s showing through. Arm just get blown/ripped/shredded off again?


Very nice picture. I guess his body just kinda stitches itself back together? Not all zombies can reattach their limbs like that; maybe it’s the necklace. Or perhaps his necklace is a reminder of his original mission… So many possibilities! Anyway, it looks very nice :D .


I *just* noticed the thick black line that separates his arm from his back.

I was all like, “Wow, that’s a big arm!” :lol2:


uhm…i just noticed…and i have to ask…why are his pants unbuttoned? i can see his boxers so i know it was done on purpose, this is the third time i’ve seen this and just noticed it…love it the pic but curiousity compels me to know…


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