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Pin-Up XX

And we’re down to the 3rd place winners of the Pair-A-Thon! This is Lizzie’s request – she wanted some Repo! The Genetic Opera cosplay. She gave me two options and I went with the second! Janus & Arthur as the Largo siblings Luigi and Pavi respectively.

Yes, Janus stole Arthur’s coat for the costume. She wasn’t digging the pin-stripe suit Luigi owned. And if you recognize the skin color on Arthur’s stolen face – you’ll realize he didn’t get it from any woman. XD Not that the person he got it from hasn’t been mistaken for a woman. Repeatedly.

I had fun with this request and I hope you love it Lizzie!

In other news – if any of you were still waiting on an update for the whole my car got totaled and I needed a replacement thing:

Roy (A very lovely Scion tC that has now been totaled beyond repair) has been replaced.

The car I chose was not a decision I made lightly as it pushes my budget ┬ábut you know what? The crash made me realize something…I only get to live once. I know, I know -you hear that from everyone and they always say the same thing but I really don’t think it ever really hits you as true until you know- just something happens that leaves you in shock and standing on the side of the road still shaking a good twenty ┬áminutes after the crash thanking God every few seconds that you’re fine. So I went for the car I really wanted and if it means I have to eat out less and say no to that next figurine I would love on my shelf – so be it.

Because I now own a Camaro named Roy II. And it’s worth it.

On a semi-related note – never get a traffic ticket. Your car insurance sky rockets and you resort to telling your readers to please recommend WaM to your friends so she can actually start making money off those pretty banners on the side of the screen and make up the price difference. :D

Phew. That was Subtle~ Maybe. And today’s song lyrics totally apply to the post today.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Who We Are” by Hope Partlow


This is why the world must hope and pray that Janus and Athur NEVER decide to team up. O_o

Although I must say if it looks like this picture it would be one of the most stylish, if also gruesome, horrifying and painful extermination of the human race I can think of. :happy:

I repeat: NEVER 0_0


Smooth, Liliy, smooth. XD

I don’t recall now: do Project Wonderful ads account for clicks? Or is it just impressions they care about?

Great pin-up, btw. XD Enjoy the Camero~


Just page views. They don’t really care about clicks. XD They keep track – but it doesn’t affect how much money you get.


Hmm intweaking.

I’m sure it would be more so if I had any idea what it was from <_<

Ah well =)


Haven’t seen it myself, but I’ve heard it described as “a cross between Re-animator and The Rocky Horror Show with a bit of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre thrown in as written by H.P. Lovecraft and Clive Barker”.


Wait, it’s not a white Camaro is it? That has bad associations in Canada with serial rapist and probable mass-murderer Paul Bernardo.


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