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Happy Independence Day Everybody!! Yay for the 4th of July. Barbeques & Grillin’, Fireworks, house full of relatives…and all that jazz~

I hope that everyone’s having a great day & for a touch of patriotism, the Americans of WaM got together for a little pin-up! And Mordred counts b/c he’s a citizen. Took the test & everything since he has no plans on moving back home with the family to the good ol’ UK.

And I still love Lancelot’s freckles~ So very much.

Moving on~

Reader Participation time!!

What’s your favorite thing to do on the 4th of July? (Or if  you’re not American – your Country’s equivalent holiday/birthday!)

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Proud to Be An American” by Lee Greenwood


Canada Day (July 1st) ->Fireworks<- and I counter your "proud to be American" with, "I'm Glad I live in Canada", by Bowser and Blue :cool: :P :D


YAY!!! Another Canadian!!!

God Bless CANADA!!! (What? Wasn’t England’s thing “God save the Queen? Canada started out as a British colony, ya know.)


Mind if I join the club?
(And apparently we’re second in the Flag Counter thing, so it’s not that surprising.)


This year? Inadvertently patriotic Doritos. :D Spicy Nacho (red) and Cool Ranch (Blue) with cottage cheese (white). So tasty~

Lancelot’s freckles are indeed charming, but my favorite feature is still his crazy/awesome hair. ♥


Watching fireworks with family or friends is my favorite.

Lancelot looks kind of shocked, to me. I wonder why he would feel that way?

Flowerz can haz bbq?


He is remembering the time when he unwittingly became a perfect example of hentai, and it was the plants that did it.


Fireworks at the local highschool. :)
Lancelot looks shocked/surprised to me, too; did Alistair say something to him? XD
(Also, the buttons all say First in Opera, at least on my computer)


Kill the cook? But we’d get no food then. D=

Happy 4th of July then~ Awesome new site layout by the way~ <3


Happy Independence Day! Hurrah for the Fourth of July, and Happy Birthday to the USA! :D

Having barbecues and watching fireworks with family or friends is the best!

This is a real cute portrait of all the American characters celebrating. Good job. :cool:


Canada day for me… I generally just try to hang with some people I like… Didn’t work so well this Canada Day, ’cause o’ work, but whatever.

It’s what I try to do. :D


Hiya there, first time commenter, long time reader! (haha, that sounds so cliche’!)
LOVE the WaM firstly, and SUPER love the site’s new look! Mordred looks so cute when he’s angry~! :P
In my home town there are fireworks at the beach on the third, and pretty much everyone goes to them! On the Fourth we all recover from eating too much fried dough and ice cream, then watch MORE fireworks!!! :happy:


Sorry, Liliy, but I have to cringe every time I hear that song. I mean, “I’m proud to be *an* American, *where* at least I know I’m free”??? Not to cast aspersions on your patriotism; Lee, old buddy; but when did “an American” become a *place?!* :raisebrow: This is a case of bad grammar and lazy song-writing, pure and simple, and our country deserves better. :meh:


Grammar in music hinders the artistic process. I fully believe that.


Then I most humbly request you do not listen to anything by RUSH since that would shatter your beliefs in the artistic process.

Heck they even use MATH when putting together their chords.

:P To everyone else just load up a track and relax to the voice that can cut glass.


I should rephrase… in some way that using grammar is fine but one shouldn’t feel restricted by it. XD


Between “an American” and “where” are the words “in a place.” They’re written in silent ink. *solemn nod*


New banner = win.

I know I’m the odd one out, but I really don’t like Lancelot’s freckles. There’s just so many, I thought they were actually dirt from all his gardening…

Anyways, something’s REALLY been bothering me lately: The RSS text above EVERY SINGLE POST UNDER THE COMIC. I know it’s probably just my browser, but does anybody else see it? Instead of a proper RSS link it says something like this:

[php error code -removed by Liliy]


And there’s no way I made this up; I don’t know any code except for the most basic HTML and a bit of Python. :)


It was an error caused by a plugin. To the best of my knowledge it’s been fixed.

As to Lancelot’s Freckles – there are quite a few real people who have that many freckles~ Personally I think it’s neat & cool since it’s not all that common.


YAY, it’s FIXED!!! X3

I guess it’s just a matter of preference; I find that just a few freckles across the bridge of the nose is about as far as I can handle ;)


Glad you like them.

You do realize that with higher freckle count is the increased risk of getting sunburned or so my Sunkist orange friend tells me when they walk out into the heat dressed like a mad Englishman (redundant analogy I know) :cool:


well, it only took me about 12 hours before i found the comment button DX but i like the new layout! and i like to eat on the 4th. same as any other day :)


Fire, pyrotechnics, and explosions. ::nodnod::

The new banner looks really cool. I like the transparency effect with the background.


Eating homeground beef hamburgers, chips, and some hot dogs. Sitting around the table laughing at stories and reminiscing. Lighting off fireworks with my family. Then sitting in my Grandparent’s jacuzzi with everyone to get us all relaxed and ready for bed.

God Bless the USA, indeed.

And jacuzzis. Because. Well. Y’know. It’s a jacuzzi. What more could a gal want? XD


Ok, took me a while, but I just realized why Lancelot is so shocked.

It’s because Alistair *politely* told him to keep his hands off his daughter or he would find himself in an *accident* involving very pointy weapons, and that is why the bouquet is reaching over towards him, to protect its master!

Yes, that is the reason why, at least, as far as I am concerned. :happy:


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