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Heh. Family’s visiting again for the next week so things like the Ustream will be um. Sporatic. Keep a watch on Twitter for updates. XD

Pin-Up today because my brain is dead and my shoulders are sunburnt. Whoo~

Edit: I KNOW it’s not an eight-track tape player. ‘Eight-Track Lovin’ sounded better than ‘Cassette Deck Lovin’ XD

Edit 2: I made it through round one~ Round two voting started! Please vote!

Song Listening Recommendation:

“It’s A B-Movie Show” from The Brave Little Toaster


Hnæf. Why must you be so cute? I’m going to have to steal you away into my lair now, you realize this? And all because of that cute expression you have on right now.

Er. Stop talking to the computer screen, DD. It’s not healthy.

…Neither is talking to yourself.

…Okay, I’m just gonna shut up now! Ehehehehehe.


That is a great pinup! Took me a second to get that it was Hnaef, but I love it. The perspective is excellent and its just a fun picture, very well done =)


Nicely executed pic. Good luck with the sunburn, future sunburn avoidance and the sporadic typography issues.


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