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Happy 5th Birthday WaM! (5 years since it was created; 3 years since I started updating regularly XD).

Viola decided to step in and represent the 25+ aged cast of WaM. She was sick of the teenagers and early twenties getting all the love. :P

And I officially have a cold. XD I’m all stuffed up and dizzy. Yay…

Thanks for being awesome readers in the meantime! Bare with me if I’m tad out of it. Still adjusting to not-vacation and getting back to the daily grind…

And now I sleep.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Shine On” by Jet


Is it sad that I wished that Bliss was the pop-up girl for this year? :D


Not sad. But it’s a little difficult to have a spirit pop out of a cake: there’s the whole interaction with matter thing, then the fact that we only know Mordred and Gawain to be capable of appreciating the display. Maybe next year, if you remind Liliy.


“BARE with me if I’m tad out of it.”
Viola is doing a pretty good job of that without any assistance. Besides, I don’t look good in purple sequins. Red or black are much more my style. X3


Congratulations, Liliy! I only started reading WAM this summer, but it’s already become a favorite, and a continuing source of joy, especially after a bad day at work. So rest, and feel better, and thanks for bringing this wonderful story into our lives!


Happy B-day WAM! Awesome job Lily! :love: I love it, so addictive I can’t wait, hope you get well soon :D .


Happy Birthday WAM! Yay Viola!

You’ve done such an awesome job on WAM, Liliy. I always look forward to the latest strip to see the new developments in the WAM stories. I hope you feel better soon, and thanks for providing all the fun!


That must have been one of the first times I *almost* had a nosebleed reading a webcomic. And trust me, I read a LOT of webcomics. Well done, you certainly captured the attention of your male audience, at least! XD

Oh, and before I forget, I didn’t find this till now ’cause you forgot to update the RSS. Or does it automatically update at a certain interval?


Wait, Geoff had a bachelor party? Who with??? And Janus not only let him, but provided the stripper? Wow.

I’m just sitting here imagining Geoff hanging out with Sedrick and Azrael, with Arthur holding his chain.


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