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Whoo hoo! Another Pin-Up winner’s request. This time for Megami (of Annie~)! She wanted the Valkyrie Sisters being Dynamic.

…though I just realized I left out Driver. But oh well. XD *pats Driver in the corner* It’s okay Driver. I’ll draw you with your sibs one day. You’ll be trying to escape when they put you in a dress you hate. Because if Driver was in this pic she’d be in a suit. That’s how she rolls.

Um. I’m excited. My novel (Children of Hephaestus) is almost done with the first draft! I’m halfway through editing and then I can get it edited and then it’ll be published and you’ll all buy it. :D

…thank-you all for being awesome readers? XD

Also: I pasted this pin-up on just about everything in the zazzle store. Went a tad crazy. Fear the mousepad!


Song Listening Recommendation:

“TiK ToK” by Ke$ha


Ha ha, that is awesome. The Valkyries definitely look like dynamic beauties. You depicted them in a very positive light, and you gave them a lot of color and energy. Nice touch giving Brynhildr her trademark pink lab goggles. XD Great job!



Fabulous :3 Absolutely and positively xD

Looks like you had fun designing the outfits and poses. I'm trying to picture who, (aside from Wiglaf) would end up the brunt of all three of them in formal-wear ~giggle~

I can totally see Driver standing there in her suit, totally nonplussed, being like "Guys? Really now?"

Dear gods, so much love <3<3<3 ~huggles them all and Liliy twice~

Also, yay for books! Sign me up for a pre-order :3


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