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Pin-Up XXV

Tada! Got the Halloween Pin-Up done on Halloween.

All the suggestions were great, but my Mom suggested Bliss lighting a pumpkin at the last second at lunch today and I thought that was cute. XD so there we go.

Grace got added in because…it was fun. He’s going to hurt someone.

Happy Halloween Everyone!! :D Stay safe trick-or-treating and have a good time.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Monster Mash” by Bobby “Boris” Pickett


Yah first comment! you’re mom is brilliant! why didn’t that occur to me? but i love this! this is so gonna be my background for a long while! Poor Grace i can perfectly understand why he’s so pissed. Man, Azrael’s gonna be pissed or did this to Grace on purpose to piss him off…and what is Bliss holding? is that a skull shaped sucker or something? now maybe i can go work on making those Wiglaf and Mordred dolls…i stayed up til 3 something this morning waiting on this page and got the great idea to make them.


Aw! I’m sorry. XD I announced on twitter the page was going to be late and forgot to do so on the actual site…oops.

…dolls? XD Sounds cute.


i don’t have twitter so i didn’t know (=-.-=) and yeah dolls! if i hadn’t stayed up that late i never woulda got the idea at all(=^.^=) i’ll post it on deviant art when i’m done so you can see.


These things are magic items from the same set and at least one apparently uses some pretty archaic slang… Grace must have spent thousands of hours trying to come up with a way to get Bliss to either shut up or be less annoying. It seems like he failed.
Pretty scary. O_o


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