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Uh. Yeah. Not bad for a 1Hr drawing time.

But seriously; I was in a drama mood. Why that made me pick Boudica, I have no clue. Either way – I really, really like how it turned out. And besides, haven’t done anything symbolic in a while and I’m still on a mask high (thus the latex reference~ .’][‘. )

We’re getting down to the wire with the Pair-a-Thon here folks! Let’s see some entries before the 7th!

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Take Me On” by A Ha


Actually, I can’t help but feel that the stockings make her look like she’s got hairy legs. Really hairy legs.


I’m sure some people find that equally attractive to printed/patterned hose [what it was supposed to be *cough*] XD


I don’t agree with the hairy legs idea, but for some reason, the pattern/symbol creeps me out. Like hibbie jibbies and goosebumps. Love it anyway.


i agree… not hairy, but definitely scary looking.


I defiantly see where your coming with the hairy legs thing I thought she had some sort of odd tattoo and very hairy legs and I was sitting here trying to imagine any on the girls with hairy legs and tattoo’s and the only one I could think of was wither driver (who has short brownish hair) and the Doctor (who also had short hair i believe). :/


Meister, meister,
gib mier rosen,
Rosen auf mein weissest kleid.
Stech die blumen in den blosen
Unberurten meichtenleib.

Kleid aus Rosen by Subway to Sally.


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