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Whoo~ The Second of the Pair-a-Thon winners’ Pin-Up requests! Lizzy wanted a Pre-Orb Bliss pin-up so I decided to go way, way back and draw her as a little girl in her playroom. She was a spoiled little thing. ^^

*pats her*

We’ll be back with Camlann crazy goodness on Friday~

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Cowboy” by Kid Rock


Is this just a humanised version of Bliss, or were the swords really human once? I never even considered that possibility :S
It. Would. Be. AWESOME.
And I second the notion to see child-Eclat ^^


Nope, they were in fact humans at one point in time-Grace being from Medieval Ireland, Éclat from Revolutionary France and Bliss Victorian England.

How they became what they are now(swords and an orb) we still don’t know. Only liliy knows and she isn’t telling, yet(I assume it’ll be revealed sometime. All we know is that they were human and have literally been changed into(not bound, changed) what they are now.


Fairly adorable indeed.

And I agree with all previous statements about mini-Eclat. Also, little Grace would be cool, and obviously whomever makes up the rest of the set. :P


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