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*passes out*

Second to last Pair-a-Thon prize pin-up. This one’s for you Erin. XD WaM: The Movie Poster.

I’m done. *falls over*


I would, totally go see it.
Also, digging the classic WaM strips in the background.


You know, maybe we could do it. Seriously. We just need someone who knows how to animate and a few voice actors. Okay people, who wants in?


Yes! We must make this happen, people!


Hooray! I’d definitely see this movie. Beautiful movie poster, Liliy.

I love how funny Security looks with such a huge image in the poster. It’s hilarious. XD I also really like Driver in the picture, displaying a nice little smile and some nifty body language that resembles her dancing and grooving to her favorite music. Very cool.


*whimpers* can’t hold it in…


Love it! (also loves lancelot even more now :) )


aw, man, I’m sorry I missed the stream for this! It looks awesome. XD I like the not-quite-stained-glass effect you’ve got going on with the thick outlines. And the assortment of character expressions, hah.

Thank you, Liliy! XD


Just a question: Why is Grace there, but not any of the other objects? Was it a matter of space, or is Grace just that more important than the others?


you realize that now that the poster has reached the internet, this movie must happen. or else you will be swamped by angry fans. angry fans wielding potatoes.


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