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Happy Birthday. 6 Years since Wiglaf & Mordred were created. 4 Years since I started updating regularly.


Sleeping now. XD


(If Google Translate lead me astray, correct me. XD)


Hmm i actiully think she looks way cuter in this pic than in any other :) Btw i love your comic very much i check up on it every day even though i know it wont update xD


Congratulations! Six years is impressive… as is 579 pages. Here’s to many more! *raises glass of innocuous unidentified beverage*

hah, is that Victorian swimwear? …and is it black by default, or to impress Mordred?


Why yes, yes it is a Victorian Era swimsuit~ :D

And it’s black b/c I noticed they were all either black or blue and Bliss hates blue. XD


WOOO!!! A toast! To 6 Years of Epic Win!!! *noms toast*
Aws! Grace looks adorable! I bet Mordred WOULD approve, even if it IS swimwear! lols And I Love Grace and Eclat! They’re so silly! XD


Happy Birthday WAM! Bliss looks great in Victorian-era swimwear, and Grace and Eclat look hilarious in their reactions. XD


I remember all the Christmases that you guys would come up and you’d show all your drawings to the family… How far you’ve come! I really enjoy reading WaM and read as regularly as I can. I also remember reading over half of the comic that one week Mom, Mamaw and I came to visit. Fun times. Haha. :)


….If she wore the bikini how would she wear the bottoms, would it be a skirt or would she look like a genie??


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