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Christmas Pin-up!

Yay for Wiglaf’s folks when they were young. They’ve been at this love triangle thing for a very long time. XD

Also. You know TVTropes? Yeah. The WaM page has a character page now. Which is awesome. Because I didn’t add it. :D If you’re a TVTropes addict like me? Go fix that bad boy up! :D

So…I wasn’t planning on doing a Pin-Up today, with the you know, cliffhanger and all, but then I realized I might not be able (read: I’m taking a break) to draw WaM until the 30th with all the you know, holidays and family times, and realized continuing this cliffhanger and dropping it would be even worse.

So! To repeat.


Enjoy the break everyone! XD

(And whether or not I get the official rules up or not…the Pair-a-Thon WILL start January 1st. XD)

“We wish you a merry christmas & a happy new year!”


Heh heh, that’s a cute Christmas love triangle. I like the tree in the background, too.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Liliy! I hope your holiday will be fantastic!


This totally and officially makes Wiglaf’s mother awesome. Now if her two men could learn to just get along and like each other, they’d have a much happier household and far less stress. =D

Beautiful picture, Lilly. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!


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