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I fail at drawing children. Forever.

Horatio (Age 6) & Geoffry (Age 12) rolling eggs down a hill!

I was trying to look up something more UK/British traditional for them to do and found this little custom (considering they have egg rolling at the White House I probably should have recognized it…).

Anyway, I thought it was neat and therefore decided to use it for today’s Easter Pin Up! :D

Though I do prefer egg hunts myself. *has a ton of pastel easter eggs that she hoards*


Happy Easter Everyone! 

Thank the Lord and go hug your family. :)

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing” by Robert Robinson


Happy Easter to you as well! I’d go hug my family but I’m in the UK and they are in the states.

Enjoy your eggs!


Wow, I’ve lived here twenty years and I’ve never seen that. Decorating, yes. Cheese rolling, yes. Copious sarcasm, yes. Now I wanna move to wherever they do that.


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