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First of the Pair-a-Thon prizes! :D This one’s for Ximmeas who wanted Ben, Azrael & their respective artifacts.

This may not be what she was thinking. XD

Either way! Ignore their heights (which are by no means accurate in this) and enjoy!

“Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.” by Daft Punk. <3 This Song.


augh gods ever since I found out Grace had freckles… ><;;; Em Effin hell he's so sexy… Me want big poster of freckled murderer @.@;;;;


*wants to hug Grace* Human!Grace is so cute! So is Human!Eclat…and Azzie and Ben…I love them all ^w^


This is so much better…

I don’t think you even know how happy this makes me, I might cry tears of fangirl joy.



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