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So, was getting ready to do WaM and my dad goes “Doing a 4th of July Pin-Up for tomorrow?” At the time, I wasn’t planning on it…so I said “No.”

Well, by the time I finished coloring Sunday’s WaM, I decided: “You know what? I think I will do a 4th of July Pin-Up.”

And then I got stuck deciding what to do. I was like “I already used all four of my Americans last time!” And then IcyPheonix pointed out I had added more Americans since (Guinevere, Prudence, Julian, etc.). And I went “PRUDENCE!”

And so we get Prudence & Frank’s first Forth of July together.

Aren’t they cute? Everybody say “Awww~”

So without further ado: Happy 4th of July! :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Little Pink Houses” by John Mellencamp


I’d ship them :3


They were married. Although one of them is now an an artifact, and the other is either an artifact or dead. Probably dead. Although it would be awesome to see Frank as an artifact, and one that can be used in perfect conjunction with Prudence, augmenting whatever powers she has.


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