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Plan Is In Action

Happy 4th of July everyone! (And happy belated Canada Day!)

I hope you all were able to have a great holiday weekend if you celebrate! And if you’re not celebrating, take a break to hug a loved one. :D

Edit: Took Wednesday night off to hang out with a friend and write fanfic. No shame. Lol. Trying to be more free about doing “Me” stuff while also working (also I have no idea what to do for WaM tonight LOL). See you on Friday! :D

Edit 2 (Friday): Truth: I started watching slime review videos, lost track of time, and now it’s 11:00 p.m. and it’s too late to draw. Oops. XD; That one is 100% on me. My bad. I’ll be sure to get WaM up on Sunday. Lol. (Also I have no idea what I was going to draw tonight. Which might be why I was subconsciously watching slime reviews that doubled as ASMR videos XD).

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More characters! For this webcomic that actually has a notable number of characters, if you think about it. Because I’m fairly certain that Arthur isn’t going to successfully annoy “B” enough to get him to move, and we only know the Garrott’s and “B” as villainous leaders so far.


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