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Plans Are For Suckers

So, my brother kept sending me links to articles at and well. If any of you are familiar with that site, you know it’s probably as time consuming as tvtropes.

The point is, I warned him I would blame WAM’s lateness on him if he kept sending links…and he did. So I am. It’s all his fault. I think this is revenge for holding his copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum hostage or something…

Don’t you all love inside jokes? :happy:

Anyway.  Comic, comic. Arthur totally looks like his sister. He shouldn’t deny it. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Be My Yoko Ono” by the Barenaked Ladies


Horatio, I didn’t know that you were like that! I mean you’re married to a woman and yet you are in love with Geofery, and Arthur Garrot! :lol2:

Oh, I does loves me mai Security. That’s acutally a response I would probably give in the same situation. Oh I does loves me mai security.


Hooray, Security is having all the fun. Sweet. :D Everything’s turning chaotic, and Security gets to gleefully watch all the fun. Yeah!!! :cool:


Gotta love irony. And security sure can pull it off. Cus you know, he’s the “security” but he’s not securing anything or anyone. An intruder is in the house and he does nothing. Yay. :D


What are you talking about, Arthur? You’re PLENTY pretty! *fangirls over him* Oh…ahem. But if you don’t wanna be mistaken for her, DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Like…I dunno, your hair-style or SOMETHING.

Hmm…like wearing your clubbing outfit! Or not wearing your jacket! Oh…wait. We saw him without his jacket and he was wearing a fairly ordinary button up dress shirt that didn’t reveal TOO much of his chest. (One of those ‘fan appeaser’ shirts. Not too much shown, just enough to keep them interested.) He puts on his jacket and all of a sudden, it’s like the shirt isn’t there at all, or he instantly unbuttoned the entire top half of his shirt. Or am I the only one who noticed this?


Interesting visual dichotomy there: Sedrick the supremely unhappy, and Security the consummate boy-on-a-lark. I’m kind of surprised that Horatio isn’t getting shot in the face right about now, for screwing up Sedrick’s attempts to get Arthur out of the house without noticing his brother.


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