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Plants Don’t Have Luggage

Think you could be any more specific there Lancelot? XD

He doesn’t know what traveling is like with this crew. It’s his own fault.

Probably for the best – because now we’re getting to the good stuff. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha. Éclat gets to hang loose! :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Insomnia” by Craig David


Lessee: the “thing with security” is most likely Security, and we of course know about Wiglaf and the metal detector. We can presume that the luggage thing is how much Mordred has of it; I believe we have at some previous point seen that to be lots, verging on many. Or possibly many-lots, even. But then there’s that.


I am soooo waiting for wiglaf to climb in through the bathroom window where Benjiman is waving calamon aound and asking for Azeril. :curious:



*Azrael (or Azzie if you prefer *glomp* :happy: )

Yep, nitpick. Sorry.

Fun scenario, though… :lol:


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