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Poor Water Jug

I’m not sure who’s having a worse day…

I just know Azrael should run. Very fast. If he could…with the broken ribs and all. *pats him*

*yawns* I need to get more sleep. XD I’m so bad about it.

And Danny Gokey still owns me. He’s up there with Lady Gaga at the moment. *twitch*

EDIT: Because I thought it was clear- It’s Arthur in the last panel. You know this by: The collar of his coat. Fingerless Gloves. His name is in the tags.

Not to mention Janus hasn’t even appeared in this arc. XD

And apparently the crease in his jacket where the sleeve meets the main coat portion is being mistaken for breasts…my bad.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“I Will Not Say Goodbye” by Danny Gokey


I can’t imagine working for Sedrick… poor Hnaef. *huggles him*
…and Azrael. *hugs him too*
The sign’s fantastic. Not that it actually keeps Security out, of course…
And Arthur is unamused.


Azrael, Gawain and Hagen are three people who are paid to act in Garrott family interests and to do what Sedrick says. All three of them seem to be screwing around and doing anything else but what he wants, and one of them needed a spot of treachery on the part of another of his underlings to even get into the trouble he’s now in. It’s like playing a RTS game where all your units get stuck in bushes and accidentally shoot each other.
Considering that’s probably Arthur in the last panel, no doubt about to drop in from the adminisphere and say something unhelpful, my sympathy here is with Sedrick and his job stress problems. Poor guy is only trying to do his job while stuck playing babysitter to far too many incredibly dangerous nutjobs.


I’d feel worse for him if he wasn’t himself an incredibly manipulative and dangerous nutjob, albeit one trying to do actually do what he’s paid to.


Careful where you point that accurate criticism, you could disintegrate any one of these characters with that stuff.


Ha ha, poor Hnaef. At least he evaded Sedrick’s wrath for the moment. But now Sedrick’s fury is focused on Azrael. As if poor Azrael didn’t already have enough trouble. ^_^

I love Sedrick growling throughout the panels and Hnaef panicking. I wonder how Arthur is going to react after he finishes eavesdropping.


Waaaaaaaait a minute, if that’s Arthur and at least one camera is pointed at Mordred… has anyone told him about his brother’s new hairstyle yet… or better yet how he got it :P ?


Oh poor widdle Hnaef!! :injured: ! you got a jug thrown at ur head!!! x_x ! Sedrick could get reported for that!

hmmm.. I *think* that’s Arthur, what with the collar and all. Plus don’t the Garrotts and their hench-persons usually keep to their own parts of the building?


I’m not really sure why, but I have this random feeling that Sedrick is going to end up in more trouble than all of his underlings…or at least just for now. I’m probably wrong, but it’s has something to do with Arthur lurking and Mordred’s still mostly pink hair. :$


Because that’s almost an anime plotting rule: The one who was actually trying to do the right thing will get in the most trouble (or be thought of as a pervert) if there’s any chance they could be.


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