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Precaution Fail

Our reminder that Bliss is always there. She’s just…constantly floating off screen. The one benefit of being an artifact that can move on her own. :D


Huh, it seems that Mordred is the only one who can resist, or ignore, the addictiveness of an artifact. Well except for perhaps Guinevere who lives in the same flats as them. Though I’m not sure if it’s resistance or greed to the point she ignores anything irrelevant to her wants like Agent Orange from the Green Lantern comics.


Not really, I remember one point where he tried to get rid of Bliss and got kinda twitchy. He’s nowhere near as bad as Azrael, but the beginnings of it are there.

Here we go, back with the ‘meet Wiglaf’s parents thing’(I swear there was another instance of it earlier but, eh)

He was supposed to send her back home, he could not. Literally.


Naw, he’s not totally immune he just hasn’t been around her long enough for it to be as bad as it is with Ben or Azzie.
Back here->

He mentions how he gets when he tries to get rid of her/even thinks about it.


Aw, I liked the first panel, but the last one was perfect! These two are so perfect for each other, and Mordred is being way to considerate right now. Whatever happened to, “Who cares if a lake falls on everyone’s head right now. Lackey will sort it. What quest are we on again? And, has Lackey killed that rock yet?” Seriously, tell me the rock comes back to haunt Wiglaf… :D


And providing such a handy excuse for Mordred to keep his favourite position as spectator… except maybe now he HAS that excuse, he doesn’t quite want it any more?


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