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Hee. It seems Generic is moving up in the world in cast importance. XD

Also. In case you missed it – all the sketch sessions end up in my WaM DA Gallery. XD


What did you learn [about the cast] from today’s comic? XD

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“Can I stay here?”
“No way.”
“I come with three hot girls…”
“Buddy!” XD Love it.

I learned that… Generic needs a girlfriend, and I want Brynhildrs clothes. Yup. :/


I learned that:

1) Generic apparently manages to steal enough money to pay rent on a flat.

2) When Svafa travels, it’s as though she’s going to the beach. XD

3) Azrael prepares well when trying to persuade.


I learned that Generic is gonna be my next favorite character and that sooner or later were gonna learn how he knows Azzy boy.


We learned that back in a flashback with Grace, they went to the same, boarding school or something together(so did Ruby Red actually).


Well generic obviously knows azrael well enough for him to have a nick name for him, and for azrael to like him enough not to kill him.

And that generic is Spanish? :raisebrow:

This is my first time commenting and I’d like to say that a really love your comic! =D


well I learned this more on the last comic than today… but Azrael is not nearly as unstable as he likes to pretend to be. He knows full well exactly what advantages he has having the Valkyrie sisters work for him, and he is not worried about taking full advantage of the fact. Not to mention I was reminded that he really is a bad guy.

And apparently villains have rankings. :D


I learned that Svafa seriously needs to go clothes shopping because she’s probably one step away from being stopped by the police for indecent exposure, thus causing trouble for her Lord…. and that Bryhildr should probably come with her, to get clothing that’s less conservative!!!

I also agree with Linya’s learnings.


Lets see here..

1) Generic’s name is actually generic; it wasn’t an interm title or anything.

2) Generic wears his mask around the house. Its possible he was burned by acid or something, or perhaps he finds masks terribly comfortable and thinks everyone will be wearing them in in the future.

3) Azrael can be very manipulative when he wants, and apparently enjoys pink shirts. Which is fine, since only real men wear pink.

4) Just because he doesn’t personally pay attention to them does not mean that Azrael is not fully aware that he has 3 very attractive women following him around.

5) There are grades of villains and heroes! Which makes one wonder; if Azrael is class A what is Mr. G?

6) Svafa wears short shorts! Which we already knew! But for whatever reason I assumed would be more ‘around the house’ or ‘at the beach’ wear as opposed to ‘generally everywhere’ wear.


*points to above comment* What s/he said! It’s pretty much excactly what I learned XD


I have learned that Gen is one of the few members of the cast who is obviously blatantly straight. XD


Hnaef too possibly, and I think Mrs. G could be fully straight (considering she actually forgave Wiglaf for beating up on Mordred–villains don’t typically do forgiveness without a powerful reason). Driver is too most likely–she just looks almost as masculine as the title-card pair look feminine. Grace would be if he were a guy instead of a sword, but I am scraping the barrel here I think.


Every time someone says something about Grace or Azreal being straight, I can’t help but think of that one time in the broom closet…but then, that could have EASILY been Grace messing with Azzie again.


Grace bets busloads of children to murder with Azrael and very obviously gets his amusement at his expense too, but I suppose that takes him out of the clearly heterosexual category.


Those two could just be asexual (Azrael due to a bit of a traumatic childhood brought on by Grace, and Grace because he’s a sword, and it’s probably less than likely that there have been any male or female swords that have caught his attention).


Grace USED to be human, though. All swords led a perfectly normal life before swordification. Same with Bliss. : )


I learned that


2. Generic is one of the very few (if not only) straight male members of the cast.

3. Generic is quite possibly Spanish.

4. They have ranks for villains! Which, for whatever reason, makes me think that they went to like, villain school or something and each class was grouped on how great of a villain everyone was, and if you sucked too much they’d kick you down a notch before they let you graduate and vice-versa if you magically got better all of a sudden.

5. Svafa needs a new wardrobe.

6. Generic wears his mask at home. (Does he wear it to sleep, too? How about in the shower?)

7. Generic’s hairstyle is quite similar to Safir’s.

8. Generic looks better without a hat.

9. Svafa’s legs are very shiny.

10. Either Azrael (or the Valkyrie sisters)took the time to clean himself up before he went to Generic’s place, or Liliy forgot to draw his blood.

11. Generic is easily convinced to do things when there are sexy women involved.

12. Generic apparently somehow, despite his inability to actually accomplish any crime, makes enough money to buy a flat.

13. On the other hand, Azrael, despite having worked as a rather successful villain in the Garrot family for who knows how long, is too broke to go rent himself an apartment or something similar.


Theory: He’s in pink hospital scrubs. They made them that colour to keep him from running out in them of course.


Yea…. don’t think it worked too well considering where he is. X3

And to 13 above, he spent all of his money on hospital bills?


If he had time to change from his uniform into casual clothes I’m pretty sure he had time to shower, too.


I learned that Azrael considers “Azzie” to be an acceptable nickname, at least when he wants something.

And the Valkyries are Azzie’s employees, not the Garrott fam’s?


The “Valkyries” are each a combination of fangirl and trusted, skilled lieutenant. Azrael is a serious mass-murderer of record and fame apparently, with rivals and such. It’s noteworthy that they apparently have family tradition of working for the Garrotts and are following Azrael out of that service.


I guess I have to add another one: an abnormally large number of people seem to think that most of the male members of the cast aren’t straight. I’m a bit confused where that’s coming from.

Sedrick is implied, but never stated. Horatio is joked on for the devotion, but seems to be quite happy with his relationship with Viola, and other than that…? Unless you’re going for ‘totally uninterested in anyone’ a la Azrael and Mordred to be ‘not straight’, and even then 1/2 the cast is male, I remain confused.


I think it’s most likely BECAUSE the male cast is so large. And because they’re all so attractive, and because we like to read more into things than we should.

And, really, it’s just so much more FUN to think of the majority of them as gay, whether they are or not.


This is explainable by looking up, “yaoi,” “ho-yay,” and taking another look at how feminine her male cast looks and acts.
To be fair the anime-derived style Liliy uses here is not good at rendering masculinity and that’s a significant part of it. Even when allowing for that things like Wiglaf calling Mordred dearest, Arthur’s catty and feminine mind-games with Sedrick and many other such things throughout are enough to support an opinion that “they’re all a bunch of fags” or similar.


*now wants to hug Gen so bad now :P *

and i learned that Gen is going to be so distracted now…. and that I’m gona be calling Azrael Azzie now :D


I learned that Generic has a day job (so he can afford rent), and that I love his hair. Also, when they are not in uniform, the Valkyrie sisters are stalked by Sparkle Fairies. :lol2:


Things Learned:

1. Generic is a realist (a. He knows his own abilities. b. He knows Azrael could not be depended upon to reliably stick around and shield him from invaders. c. He knows the Valkyries, on the other hand, will probably make sure to take invaders with them, and anyway such pretty women are nice for a guy to have around the house whether he can touch them or not. d. He knows that if Azrael wants the master suite there’s no way he can stop him, so getting an introduction out of the change of scenery is actually a good deal.).

2. Generic also lives in the British Isles (hopefully not on the Isle of Wight, which is steadily calving into the sea, but the place might actually appeal to him given its historic connections with Blackgang Chine), so he can’t ever really be one of those traveling super demi-villains like The Saint.


I learned: That Lilly likes dicking around the cast, and also changing scenes on us just when things are getting good.
Oh, wait, no, both of those are things I already knew.


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