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Prefers Dogs. She Said That.

It’s up. *sleeps in corner*


Sims has always stated it in the best way I can think of. At the highest relationship with a pet, the dog will consider you part of its pack. The cat will deem the sim it’s property.

Personally, I love cats, but you can’t deny they’re very ungrateful for what people do for them. They’re proud, overconfident, haughty, greedy, and they never listen. Dogs tend to be loyal, playful, friendly, easy to train, and they adore their masters. Both are adorable, but one tends to have less adorable behavior than the other. (Not that Grendel is actually a typical dog.)


But why SHOULD they be grateful? Humans aren’t grateful all the time, that would be a very uncomfortable and unhealthy way to live.

I read somewhere that women tend to like cats more because the cat does whatever it wants and if its needs aren’t met it makes its feelings clear, and that reflects what a woman wants to be like but often feels socially or culturally pressured not to be!

I have cats because my work patterns and living arrangements are incompatible with having a dog; but the more I have cats and get to know other people’s dogs, the more I prefer the former (I should mention that the dogs I know best are spaniels, so particularly ‘devoted doggie’ sort of dogs). I get creeped out by the adoring bit – it’s kind of psycho. Who NEEDS to be worshipped, to have an animal act as if you’re that necessary to their happiness, all the time? It’s soppy and it’s irritating, and it’s not terribly companionable, to my mind – it puts responsibility onto the owner to BE as great as the dog thinks they are, and you have to be responsible about it – if you snap at a dog, they get all hurt and that, and it’s unkind. If/when I get a dog, I’m definitely going for something feisty and independent-minded and hard to train like a working terrier, something without that simple-minded soppiness. Grendel definitely has that sort of quality about him!


When I was young my family had a schnauzer– very smart, eager to play, but just fine on his own as well, not constantly begging for attention like some dogs.


Yup, that’s the kind of dog I want when I don’t have to work full time any more! I’ll add Schnauzer to the list of possible breeds…


It’s hardly fair to lump all cats together in a single group. In contrast to your generalization, my cat acts profoundly grateful for everything, from food in her bowl to being petted. She never climbs on a lap without first giving the person a hesitant ‘is it alright?’ look. She’s even really easy to train! I’ve known several like that, and I’ve known some who are piggy and pushy, and others who are everything in between. There are as many cat personalities as people personalities.


Well, yes, I’ll agree on that. Cats all have different personalities, though most of the ones I’ve met at least try to act aloof, like THEY’RE the master. It’s kind of funny to watch them pretend they aren’t less than half our size.

Honestly, though, I’ve also met some extremely grateful ones. All of the cats my family has right now were strays taken off the street, so they tend to be somewhat friendly and grateful for it, if somewhat aloof and demanding. (One demands we never pet her or pick her up unless she’s PERFECTLY at ease with our presence and our touch.)


Yes pain turns him into a cat, and Herschell is naked which means easy crotch shot. XD I think deep down she really does like cats she just doesn’t know it.


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