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Proud Mum

I have a week of break at work and then we’re hosting another week long event. Ahhhhhhh.

Being a working adult, man. A requirement but I do not recommend. Lol.

Enjoy Madame Garrott looking pretty and proud.

Edit: The prep for next week is getting out of control. Lol. I’m so beat. XD *falls on side* I’m not looking forward to the rest of this week and all the craziness of next week. I’m taking it easy tonight and I hope I’m with you guys on Friday. o-o;

Edit 2: I detailed it more on twitter but short version: “I put off drawing and then found out I had to get up early and oops had to go to bed.” My bad. Xd; I’ll see you guys on Sunday! Also wish me luck next week because it’s gonna’ be nuts. o-o


I’m starting to get confused about this. I thought that Arthur’s plan was to use his sibling as a shield while he annoyed a lot of the rest of the super villain community, by stealing and attacking them up while disguised as his sister. But this makes it seem like everyone in the comic think’s that he’s going to be targeting his sister directly as his first act.

Did I misinterpret the plan, and Arthur’s planning on targeting Janus first just because he’s got the biggest safety in case he fails, and he’s thus not actually planning on framing her at all, or what?


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