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Puns Make Bliss Chuckle

*sleeps on desk*

Happy Thanksgiving.

Oh, and I passed 50,000 words on my NaNo novel if anyone cares. XD Loving it.

Uh…right. I’m talking in my sleep. *snooze*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Let Me Down Easy” by the 2AM Club


That was in October, but good luck with the drafting.


For Canada. :P In the ol’ USofA it’s tomorrow. :D So there~


Americans should switch what day they have it, second Monday in October gives you an entire two months and change to get over Thanksgiving dinner before packing on Xmas pounds. Most Americans I say this to agree with me about that but nobody makes the change.


I dunno. I like to keep my major holidays with their respective months and October is Halloween, November is Thanksgiving and December is Christmas. I kinda’ like it that way. XD


Yeah it would be like Valentines Day in June! All the chocolate would melt. Wait a sec…… oh I lost it. Happy chrismahanukwanzakah too all.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaand I have just made it through the entire archive :love: *stares* :love: and I like what i read i shall be hanging around. Dopping the comments here and there…. =D

Though i love this page the delayed reaction got me to crack up. :happy:

On a side note my turkey day I’m looking forward to!!! :lol2: The day after you know friday well… i work retail… that should say enough. :sly: *Hates black friday.* :injured:


Hahaha, I love Mordred’s delayed reaction, it reminds me of my sister and one of my co-workers. Except their delayed reactions involve more flailing and squealing. xDD

On a side note, Wiglaf vs. Squirrel? Is the squirrel winning? (actualy, i’d bet on the squirrel winning, they’re persistant and tricksy little buggers!! >.>)


That depends on if Wiglaf decides the squirrel is too cute to kill or if he should make a cute squirrel-skin coat with that one and several others.


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