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Puppet Show

I am both oddly happy with this strip and yet also have no idea what I have drawn.

It has just been one of those weeks and it’s only Wednesday. XD

Edit: I ended up attending a funeral on Friday (emotional draining) and then spent the entire evening hanging out with a friend who was upset the other day. Watching Venture Brothers until 10:00 p.m. did the trick for cheering friend up. Yay! However I also got home after ten and lol nothing is getting done. Too tired. Too distracted. But in a good way for once. I feel good. But it’s too late to start drawing. XD;; So I’ll see you guys on Sunday!


Isn’t it obvious how the flower is doing that? It’s projecting it’s inner light from being so cute outwards, and then blocking limited amounts of it with it’s own flower petals, selectively. That allows it to make a simple shadow puppet that it can manipulate as it wishes, despite not moving.

Yes, I did just make up all that bull. That type of gobblygook reasoning fits a completely different comic that I read filled with Space-Going Mad Science, despite the main cast not having any Mad Scientists. So I have some experience in coming up with stupid explanations like that.


I see that you decided to replace Grace with a new floral character. Will Gawain be able to hear this one talk as well?


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