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‘Pure’ Does Not Mean ‘Good’

Ah, fear all the references to the first Volume.

Happiness is me. I’ve been waiting forever for Mr. Garrott to pick up Camlann. Mwa ha ha ha ha. *hack cough hack*

I’m good. I’m good. *breathes*

Oh! Driver’s Pa’s finally got a spot on the cast pages. So go check it out should you choose.

And speaking of stuff to check out, The Fanart Gallery has been updated quite a bit over the past few weeks. I just keep forgetting to tell you all.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Ten Thousand Angels” by Mindy McCready


A sense a disturbance…as if the entire planet just cried out “Oh $^%#!”. O_o
You can’t keep a good evil mastermind out of the game. :)


Perfect mixed metaphor for the situation, there!

Arthur Sr. now has three options:
1. Give Camlann back (possibly rolling his eyes because Wiglaf is the one carrying, rather than Mordred).
2. Use Camlann to wreak havoc.
3. Simply add Camlann to his collection of swords distributed by strange women lying in ponds (that are no basis for a system of government!).


Am I the only one who “heard” Mr. Garrott’s lines in Sean Connery’s voice? :D Suaaave.

(Maybe it’s because he played King Arthur in a movie, earlier.) XD


“Alistair means ‘Defender of Mankind’ or ‘Man’s Defender’”

I assume that the irony in that choice was completely intentional…


Sorry, the above comment was *supposed* to be a stand-alone. Not sure how it became part of another thread… :raisebrow:


Wow, this is one of the few times where Camlann has had to struggle to find words. XD

Mr. Garrott obviously must be a man of deep knowledge and impeccable taste to qualify to bear the sword. I guess “pure” in his case would mean that he is a man of pure sophistication. Thus, he gets to hold the sword. Nice job, Liliy!


This I did not expect! Very well done, and I love that Camlann is so flustered =)

Wonder what he wants the sword for though… he IS retired.


Uh, guys,
I think the point isn’t that he’s pure, but more that he is so fscking scary and evil that Camlann is too afraid to burn him.


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