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Quartet Away!

oh look! Our original cast Quartet is finally all together again! XD


The Bloodborne Soundtrack

It is a thing of beauty and you should listen to it.

Particularly “Gehrman, The First Hunter” which is so beautiful it makes me cry. T_T


Why is Driver’s hair suddenly changing to it’s natural blonde hair color? It wasn’t like that when she first cut it.


Id have thought the first thing camlann wanted to do would be to remove the stiches but i like where this is going


Oh man, what a team. An apathetic supervillain, a goody-two shoes hero with mildly violent urges, the most powerful and sassy magic entity on Earth, and Driver.


Man, Driver is such a cutie! I love her new look! I really like Camlaan being around as more than a running gag text wall generator.


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