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Really The Wrong Question

It’s up! And on time! :D

Whoo hoo. Go me. <3


There is a clear solution to Azzie’s dilemma.

Become a hero. Bad guys scare normal people. Heroes don’t. (Theoretically.) If you do better at the people part than Wiglaf, you can have normal friends. The only rule is you can only slaughter bad guys, not whoever you want.

*really wants this to happen*


And if Wiglaf and Azzie both were heroes they would still be able to beat each other up from time to time


Of course they have to since its in the BP&P for heroes. They always have to have a regularly scheduled dust-up followed eventually sitting down and sharing liquid refreshments, verbal barbs and observations about the previous battle.


Cheer up, Azzie. You knew Ruby Red back in the day, didn’t you? Why don’t you two catch up sometime? Just try not to scare him off is all…


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