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Record That For Posterity

I feel sorry for Bliss. Poor girl. *pats her*

Anyway, all is going well and don’t forget the Pair-a-Thon! Months’ halfway through and we’ve only got two entries! T_T

I know it might seem repetitive the 4th year in a row, but it’s fun gosh darn it.


DC canceled Hawk and Dove – the 8th issue will be its last. This makes Liliy very upset. Very, very, upset. Show DC we still want to see them! (Okay me, but I’m already buying their comics and it hasn’t done anything!) If it even looks remotely interesting, and you read comics anyway, buy an issue. Please? *holds hands clasped up in front of her* I hate to play this game with my readers, but I really don’t want Hawk & Dove to go away. XD

The 1980′s series first five comics & the 2011 reboot are both on Comixlogy for $1.99 an issue!!  …at the very least maybe Comixology & DC will post the rest of the old series if those sell well enough up to the cancelation. *sniff*

Uh…yeah. *cough*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Junebug” by Robert Francis


*gasp* oh noes! Wiglaf is showing emotion here. One other than apathy, annoyance, or glee. This was too adorable for words, and so perfectly done. I hate to revel in anyone’s distress, even a fictional character’s, but right now I am loving this too much. Though I am worried about just where Wiglaf is. This isn’t like him to go missing.


Dang, I’m sorry about that cancelation, Liliy. It looks like a neat series. My sympathies. But I’m definitely glad you’ve enjoyed it.

Ha ha, Mordred’s really getting anxious now, even though he won’t admit it. ^_^ Poor guy really does care about Wiglaf, and even says his real name for about the first time ever! XD

Heh heh, I feel sorry for Bliss too. She looks very subdued and vulnerable. Then again, Mordred does have a fair reason to be angry since her explosion has made Wiglaf disappear someplace. I like Mordred’s variety of expressions throughout, and I like how Bliss shrinks back in shame. Great work all around.


This page just FORSED me to comment for the first time. I was almost sure that something like that would happen one day, but still, it’s so sad…Mordred searching around, trying to persuade himself that nothing can happen to Wiglaf, but not believing himself already… the last panel just made me sob. Poor thing. Hope he’ll find Wiglaf soon.


*passes over tissues* We can share a box, because I’m definitely doing the same thing!!

And them when I finish tearing up, I’m going to give Mordred and big hug and then embark on a hunt to find Wiglaf!!


Wow… The month is halfway gone…. I didn’t realize that. I shall now try to stop being lazy and work on my entry.

Mordred…. He…. Gahh! *hugsandmuchlove* T-T


I’m sorry. But I refuse to read the New 52. DC should have created an “ultimate DC” rather than cancel all those ongoing books for a “clean slate” (which isn’t). I loved Hawk and Dove way back when (before Dove was first killed by Monarch). But that interest in the series doesn’t extend to now.


Mordred looks truly worried. Of course, I myself wonder what happened as well… so my hat’s tipped to you, Liliy. I just hope you don’t draw it out TOO much longer. ;)


That last panel, just the image of Mordred standing there with the tiny speech bubble saying “Wiglaf?” It makes me cry! TxT
Wiglaf, please be okay! Just because if you’re not, we might….we might….*looks around* we might just see Mordred actually get sad. You’re his boyfriend for gosh’s sake! TwT


Mordred used his name, so Liliy must be planning an apocalypse. Oh wait… *looks at the remains of Bliss explosion.*
I’m sure he’s okay! Hang in there Mordred…. TT_TT


Also trying to draw my entry, but it’s that kinds of day where my hand isn’t listening to what my brain is trying to tell it. So everything looks terrible. :<
I'm really trying though!


maybe Mordred is just standing on the rubble that Wiglaf is trapt under. Wiglaf isn’t showing up because he doesn’t want Mordred to jar his wounds by lifting both the rubble and Mordred up. He aslo has dirt in his mouth so Wiglaf can’t call out and tell Mordred to move so he can get out of the rubble.


This is my favorite page to date. I love the layout, the progression of emotional elements from the dragon leaving Mordred behind, the isolation of Bliss as Mordred’s anger appears to get through her cluelessness, and particularly the way the light leaves Mordred in panels six through eight and setting up for the last panel of Mordred all alone.

Great page in a great comic!


I swear I’m writing something this year.

Also, I absolutely must figure out how to get an avatar now instead of this default blue one, because I want that last panel as my avvy.


I’m happy. <3 Anyway, I am far too full of squees over Mordred being incredibly adorable and WORRYING and saying Wiglaf's name for the FIRST TIME EVER to summon up the requisite amount of worry for Wiglaf. Besides, Mordred does it better than I am. <3

(And he was probably hiding under some rubble somewhere waiting for Mordred to say his name to reveal himself. I can't seem to make myself believe that he's actually hurt until I see him bleeding. At which point I will collapse into a little Jennish heap and desperately wish him better.)


And now that he’s heard his actual NAME, he’ll come out and show Mordred where he is.

Or. Y’know. Groan in pain because he’s been crushed or impaled by something.


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