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Red Collar

Wiglaf’s hiding in the background somewhere.

Ug, I forgot how hard it was to write Driver’s extended dialogue. Oh well.

I’m excited. I finally get to introduce that handsome chap in the last panel. Mwa ha ha ha. Stay tuned for Sunday for the big reveal. Unless of course you recognize him from a certain question answered over at the ‘Ask a Character’ section in the forum~

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Old City Bar” by Trans-Siberian Orchestra


New cast member. XD Interesting house structure, though; I do wonder if they’ll even manage to get to Janus’ section. It’ll be funny if they don’t. XD


Yay for the scruffy man. Now, to see whether a certain character reacts with delight or a measure of embarrassment….

I like that you did the whole background of this in muted and dark tones, Liliy. It really does make the colors pop. The first things that hit me in the eye were Horatio’s tie and A– er, Scruffy Man’s collar, where the second thing that hit me was Mordred’s pink hair. This is a great reminder of exactly what would make Arthur flip out.


Hooray, a new character. The big reveal about him on Sunday should be fun.

So they have to maintain their best behavior when they move through the Garrott mansion. That’s gonna be a challenge, considering all the fighting and bickering that’s been going on amongst themselves. XD


I think I know who that guy is

1) He’s the team leader of garrotts

2) Wiglaf’s brother

3) The guy nobody supposed to be alone with

4)Driver’s ex-boyfriend


hmmm…alot more characters lately.

the new chaaracter seems interesting, from the way he speaks i do not beleive he would be of close relations to wiglaf, infact from the dielect im getting the impression he might be Irish or scotts. since his debut only gave little knowledge of who he is i am excited to know more about this individual like everyone else.

all in all i am hoping gawain is will be liberated from the crazy women who fancies herslelf a bit as pepe le pew (at least i think thats the skunks name)


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