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Red Greed

And we’re here! Strip 700. :3

Tried something a little different with the strip–mostly in the coloring. And in honor of hitting a milestone strip, I went back to WaM’s famous Wall-O-Texts. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha.

Hey look. World building and explanations.

Who would have thunk it?

Been in such an orchestration-only mood. Today’s recommendation:

Tron: Legacy Soundtrack by Daft Punk. It is amazing. <3


Woo! Congratulations on 700 pages, Liliy! ♥

*throws confetti*

(And yay for backstory! Love that moody atmosphere with only the red in color.)


CONGRATULATIONS. Brilliantly done – both this strip and the achievement of the milestone. The color scheme does work very well for the impact here, on a lot of different emotional levels.


I wonder why you don’t see more of the greyscale + stylistic color; I have yet to see it not look cool. Namesake and Cwen’s Quest are the only other comics I’ve seen really use it (and both are pretty good).

And I don’t think anybody will mind the wall-o-text. He’s a villain and crazy; it’s pretty much expected.

Congrats on 700 as well!


Hooray for #700!

I like the development of the artifact saga seen here and the effectively eerie color scheme.


this is the saddest cult ever


It’s not sad, it’s pathetic and disgusting. Leaves a terrible taste in my mouth.


I think by sad they meant pathetic, which it is. They are enslaving people against their will with no chance of getting out, even by dying. And the reason for it is disgusting as well, a way to own someone without getting caught or punished.


Actually, it reminds me of Siri on the Iphones. I don’t have one but still, what has the world come to???? I’ll just stick with my ninja assassin squad, at least they won’t be able to leave me for contractual reasons. :p




Man, but I really do want to see if Mordred’s still shellshocked/Mordred’s reaction after all that <3 fwee~


Congratulations on seven hundred!
I like this explanation for the cult. Vilhelm’s decision to join makes a lot more sense, given that.
The artwork is killer on this page, too! (Someone’s already said this, but the red in the otherwise black and white pages is really potent looking and cool.)

I did notice an unnecessary comment in the first panel, though, after “who”. Regardless, awesome page! Congrats :)


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