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Red Point

*throws up comic*

Color later.

*curls up and watches more Red vs Blue*

Edit: Sorry guys. I’ve been feeling really out of it this week, and Tuesday was busy so I think I’m going to skip Wed’s update. WaM’ll be up Friday. Thanks for being so endlessly patient with me!


Lily, you will finish this story arc and not cause me to crack open my Blu-ray collection of that amazing series right now! So help me, webcomic time-wasting is one thing but I don’t have time for a full… 10 season… adventure… Excuse me, I have to… something. Dammit… There goes my week.


MWA HA HA HA HA HA. Enjoy. I’ve already been re-watching everything myself looking forward to Season 11 when I can squeeze it in. :P


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