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Refuses To Call Him “Boss”

I know a few of you were waiting for Jade to show up~ And here he is! :D

…there are too many artifacts in this room. XD

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“Earth Angel” by The Penguins


Really guys? Really?

He even mentions Jade and I’ve been waiting for Jade for a bit now.

and yay Jade!


November 2010 o.O

Yeah, I did not remember that name at all. But still, Yay Jade! :D

Orbs, Swords, and Rings, Oh My! Interesting how Jade doesn’t ‘seem’ to have as much hate about being a artifact as the others do… But it could be the whole Vilhelm’s boss must be a very scary man… o.o


Yay, Jade! I was definitely waiting for him, haha.

And what’s this? An artifact that is both obedient AND not batshit insane? I think I must be dreaming.


You only think he’s not batshit insane.

I’m waiting for the insanity to show. It must be there… Somewhere.

It seems like every character in this cast has some insanity.


He’s actually obeying the guy who owns his artifact. I think that alone counts as evidence he’s insane (even Eclat doesn’t actually obey poor Ben XD).


Um, who refuses to call him Boss? Is it Aurther, or some one else? And if it’s Aurther then, Auther has a boss how’d that happen. He doesn’t seem the type.


Is it just me or are Jade, Boss’s tie, Vilhelm’s tie, and Wiglaf’s regular (yellow cross) shirt all the same shade of green? Is that company policy or something–everyone must wear a light green tie because the boss man’s artifact is that color? (I know Wiglaf likes it because of Vilhelm.)


Oh my god, no way! I drew a fan sketch of Jade, like, two years ago, and this is almost EXACTLY how I pictured Jade! The only difference is that I drew Jade as a girl…


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