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Regenerating Undead

*yawn* I must be a masochist. Because instead of posting the ink and calling it a night I went ahead and pushed a head to finish and post late. Apparently I enjoy sleep deprivation. XD

But I’ll stop now because I’m sure none of you want to listen to me whine. :D

Gawains’ a sweetie. And I love that name. Clairvius. Now, if I could only find someone ELSE with that name other than the famous zombie dude. He can’t possibly be the only one with that name. It had to have come from somewhere.

Oh, and apparently that mini comic is working well as a vote incentive. That makes me happy. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Brains” by Voltaire


Love the snippet from Voltaire’s “Brains”! That is such a great song.

Love the comic! “Have you ever killed a zombie?”. Awesomesauce.


….Shoot, now I’m going to have to read up on voodoo mysticism to see what this is supposed to be–all I know about is the zombie’s cucumber for enslaving someone as a zombie, and that adept voodoo practitioners were supposed to be able to cheat death through zombification.


I can already assure you it won’t be that accurate to real voodoo myths. But it is a fun topic to read up on, regardless. :cool:


Omi! Most of my fav charries are on this page! THANK YOU LILIY~

A zombie. . . in pinstripes? SWEET! AND GREEN! Did I ever mention you have so much style in you’re charries. ‘Cause ya do.

I love that zomebie~ He’s all dead, and stuff. :shocked:


YAY! i never even guessed zombie…. especially after shooting him in the head. :lol2:

and that a zomnie would be good looking instead of all dead and rottish and maggoty….

(is that a word? O_o )


…Damn, he really is a zombie…XD Well, at least my first thought was correct!

…You used a zebra as background, didn’t you? =P

Also: rofl @ vote thingie <3


Man, Gawain looks good for a dead guy! :lol2:

It’s quite funny how Sedrick goes crazy after Hnaef confirms Gawain’s identity. ^_^ Also, I like those zebra stripes you used for the backgrounds. They help create a bizarre, sensational atmosphere to match the weirdness of the mood in learning that Gawain is a zombie. Nicely done.


Ha ha; nice sidestepping the whole zombie thing. It’ll be interesting to see how Arthur makes use of his unique ability. XD


He is dead but he can still feel pain? I think that would only make him half dead because he can still feel pain or immortal. I am not buying the whole ‘zombie’ thing. The pain thing is keeping me from buying into it. I do admit that he does have a very useful ablity. I wonder if anyone has tried to smash him yet or cut him up in to very small part using a high powerd blender. Oh! I know, I want to try burning him into ash. That could work…..I think I’ll stop now. :P


well if you don’t want to believe in the whole zombie thing; there is always the Gawain and the Green Knight story. It involves Gawain winning a magic green scarf that keeps him from dieing, but he can still get hurt. so that could explain all of this very nicely.


yeah, i figured that. but it was an idea since a lot of your charters seem to have a sort of back ground story resemblance to their legendary/mythological namesakes.


Not even security knows how to kill a zombie XD

“Have you actually killed a zombie? Met one? Then how do you know that actually works?” lolol


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