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Regular Day At the Office

Got off work late. It never fails to kill my motivation to do anything.

Except watch Transformers. I did a lot of that this afternoon.

Episode 11 of Season 3: Webworld. I think it near about killed me with laughter. I love Galvatron. That crazy glitch is amazing. *sighs in happiness*

Oh! And Cinder’s finally wandered out of the laundry room. :wow:

Song Listening Recommendation:

“This Is Your Life” by Switchfoot


I can’t help but feel bad for Ricky. It’ll be fun to see if there are any repercussions from that. XD

Hail Galvatron! “The planet is infected with his madness!” *dead*


Love the comic, i love it when ricky says ‘little blond boy must die’ a vendetta shal arise because of that.

BTW when is the cast page gonna be updated?


Mordred’s complaining is a riot. He really ought to be pleased that the lackey he himself chose is proving to be such a champion. An unsuccessful lackey would be far more embarrassing, I would think. And where did Mordred get the idea that Wiglaf was plotting to embarrass him? That’s pretty paranoid. XD

Wiglaf really must be going for the gold medal in prizefighting. He’s defeated someone almost three times his size. ^_^ Now that’s power.


Its awfully considerate of Alistair and Azrael to wait off to the side while Wiglaf is otherwise engaged! I wonder if they’re ever going to manage to see Geoffry, so many distractions. Just think, if Sedrick hadn’t dragged Arthur out and sent Azrael to the front door, Arthur would still be in his study and our intrepid heroes could already be in Janus’s wing!

Maybe =)


Poor Horatio…wondering what’s going through his mind right now.

Ricky’s line is awesome: “Little blonde boy must die.” xDDD


“Oh Ricky you’re so fine, your’re so fine you blow my mind Hey Ricky!” Hey Micky (modiefied by MEH!)
This is going to end badly for someone, i just knows it.


Mordred seems awfully paranoid in this one.

I’m also glad your kitty is becoming more friendly. My cat was really shy too, when I first got her.


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