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Kudos who recognize what this is a callback to. XD *thumbs up*

Uh, Pair-a-Thon is still going on, you still have a month! So go get those entires in!

And…I think that’s it. :3

Thanks for reading guys! <3

Edit: Speaking of reading! If you’re one of my older readers (I’m thinking the 14 & up crowd)in the mood for a little sci-fi/horror in the form of yandere androids & a violent murder mystery, you should check out my book!

Especially since I forgot to mention earlier that Children of Hephaestus is now available on Nook, iBooks, & Kobo in addition to Kindle & Paperback for $4.99 (Digital) & 14.99 (Paperback)!

Thanks again for being awesome! :D

(Text break for contrast so you notice the new below message:)

Edit 2: Pulling some late hours for work this week. No WaM on Wed. Sorry! T_T 

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Set Fire To The Rain” by Adele


So recently I realized that Mordred and I each have pink hair and three black rings. My roots are blond and I wear my rings on different fingers than he does, but it’s still weird.


Initially, when Mordred wouldn’t tell Wiglaf what he was reading and Wiglaf tackled him and took his paper. That’s how they started on the Sword of Camlann business. :)


” If you’re one of my older readers (I’m thinking the 14 & up crowd)”

For the first time, I am now feeling very old. I’m a reader and 24…


I mostly meant I consider my book about a PG-13 rating, more so than the majority of my readers are young–if that makes you feel better. XD *knows quite a few readers here are in their late teens and early twenties*


Ha ha, it’s great to see our protagonists coming full circle to one of their classic moments. As always, they play off each other nicely.


I love the last panel. And the call back! (yee).

…is that a tiny bit of ship tease or is that just my imagination?

Hey, they’ve actually grown? :D

*art evolution’d*


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