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Reliably Unreliable

Yes the ears are legit. Yes I planned it that way on the last strip.

Eventually the cast page and chart will get updated.


When I get around to it.


Ya’ll love me. XD (I hope! *eeps*)

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Puttin’ on the Ritz”

Go listen to the They Might Be Giants Cover. Good stuff.


The ears are so cute! :3


Hey, first comment!


if you have to reply to your comment to comment that it was the first comment, is it still the first comment?

(btw is he going to be a Schrodinger type cat, or Cheshire?)


Considering the grin, Cheshire. The cat-guy hasn’t been that concerned about himself dying due to probability, so not Schrodinger.


The ears are real!? Yay!

Also, love They Might Be Giants. Have since I heard the theme of Malcolm in the Middle.


….Wow someone else love Wiglaf and is a kitty~ awww~ <3 I sense a love triangle or box Brat-Mordred-Wiglaf-Herschell


Lol, the cuteness. the Incorrect utter cuteness of it all. He’s so happy to. ^_^ So excited these people might me dead it makes better drama for the kitty he announces it that way wither it’s true or not. lol


He’s a catboy. You do realize I have to get my hunting gear out now and track down this abomination. Though I think I’ll leave the LazSat out of this to keep it a little bit fair. (Heh. The Megatokyo crowd hates it when I hunt cat-people…)


AHAHAHAHAHA random Catboy PWNS!!!! XD it’s so..random!! I love it!!!
Ha, so THAT’S how he knew about the takeover, he’s Gaming Rivals with Hildeburh! hehehehe, I love how everyone is somehow connected in the end! XD
And I JUST noticed a really cute REALLY tiny lil smiley face at the bottom left corner of the screen! how long has that been stalking us?!?


Holy crap that smiley face. I just stared at the bottom left of the screen for a full minute before I saw it. Wow. That. How long HAS that been there?


Liliy, is the tail prehensile? It seems prehensile.


If it’s a cat-person, then no, no it wouldn’t be.
Also, even with the inclusion of a cat boy (damnit, stop pandering to the fangirls, Liliy)
and lack of updates on the cast, we still love you liliy. Especially the fangirls.


Liliy, if you are low on available time then do what every other Chief Executive does DELEGATE DELEGATE DELEGATE DELEGATE and DELEGATE.
Just remember to put in a little time for mentoring and supervising your serfs as well as a bit of quality time for abuse [verbal, mental, physical ... ]
I bet there are plenty willing and able to put together a revised relationship chart based on known information up to this date.
The same can be said about the mini-biographies for each of the new characters as they pop up.
So step out a bit and crack that whip ^_^

[no idea where this is coming from though odds are on some of the alternative comics I have been reading of late =P ]

PS – we need Cat-girls as opposed to flying-monkey-zombie-cyborg-ninja-pirates from space
[like I said - my world is weird >_< ]


…but, but…delegating to myself defeats the purpose. XD


Just ask your fans to help out. I’m sure there are lots of us who are more than willing to help you organize your relationship chart and/or write the character’s mini-bio’s. You can always add in your own little notes later.


“’Puttin’ on the Ritz’

Go listen to the They Might Be Giants Cover. Good stuff.”

Actually, I prefer the Taco version — although the Gene Wilder/Peter Boyle version from “Young Frankenstein” makes me smile too.


Loving the fact that we have a catboy.

And somehow… my ears perk up when I learn Hildeburgh has murder superiority on and offline.

Great, now I’m crushing. XD


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