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Remember Your Friends

I wanted to draw Hnæf, so I did.

It’s been…it’s been a long week. I’m dreading going back to work next week (so much that I can’t work on from home is piling up…) and decided to cheer myself up. XD


I’d forgotten how much I liked the interactions between those two! Don’t suppose we could get a flashback sometime to see what they were up to while Security was grounded?


Man, that would be fun…but I suspect it’d be a lot of Security whining or trying to backseat camera switch behind Hnæf.


Hmm, does this count as a free tour for hnaef? On one hand he isn’t physically there, and probably spent massive money for the cameras he’s watching through. But on the other hand he is seeing g the company’s stuff and the company isn’t getting any money out of it.


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