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Oh Mordred, you have so much to learn about the criminally insane. :D Also, the Wiglaf family is very familiar with Herschell. The dads don’t like him much. :D

Also – FRIGHT NIGHT.  Sooooo good. And they made Collin Farrell hot~ Like really hot. Jerry, Jerry, Jerry~

And Chris Saradon made a cameo. Even better.

*giggles like an idiot and tries not to go see it again*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)” by Edison Lighthouse


I don’t think Herschall likes the parents either, or maybe it’s just the fact that he’s tied to Brat XD


Heh heh, I like all of Mordred’s expressions and how he seems so uninterested in the possibility that Sedrick might be attacking his siblings. Either he doesn’t understand Sedrick very well, or he’s simply in denial because he’s bored by the whole thing. XD

Good thing Wiglaf can tell that Sedrick’s rebellion is likely real. XD

The two dads indeed look very hostile toward Herschell. It will be fun to see further development of their hostility.


… “you know how tightly your brother ties knots” suggests BOTH of them are intimately familiar with the answer.


Come to think….Arthur didn’t cry. Maybe he should have….it might get him out of the straightjacket at least.


I can’t be the only one who was highly amused at the fact that making everyone wear pink boots was one of Arthur’s evil schemes.


lols, I think my favorite part is the glare-down between Wiggy’s “dads” and Herschell!!
And Really, I wonder WHY Arthur hasn’t tried for the tears yet??? Puppy dog eyes Arthur would be sooo freakin cute!!!
Hmm.. and thinking on what Mordred said about Seddy and Arthur, maybe Sedrick is taking over the world so that he can put Arthur in charge of it? but only as a figurehead? since Seddy would wanna be in control of the action and prevent things like world-wide pink boots…


Well the tears did work when Sedrick found out Arthur was lying about the dragon gender thing a while back so i don’t see why it wouldn’t work this time


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