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Restricted Information

Ah Sedrick. *pats*

And I felt we needed a quick reminder that Brat was still indeed a member of this cast.*nod nod*

I’d talk more, but I’m involved in a wedding this weekend and it’s taking up all of my time. XD Be happy I found time to get this strip done early (and hopefully Sunday’s too).


Hee hee! Sedrick is great. He won’t be embarrassed very easily. If anyone can invent a convincing lie, he can. *clapping*

Hip Hip Hooray for Security!! He sure knows his duty. Can’t be letting unauthorized persons to get access to privileged information. Security’s the dependable guy you want on your team. Keep it up, dude! *clapping some more*


XD And Sedrick reminds us that he is, indeed, a villain. But how Security still manages to maintain his smile in the middle of a brattish onslaught is beyond me.

I was wondering… given that Wiglaf is a hero and that he is good at EVERYTHING, what would happen if Geoffry somehow got him a message and asked him to save the dying company? I don’t think Wiglaf has ever had cause to study business or economics. Would he fail?


Wiglaf is already a master of business management and economics. He could run that company into fame with his eyes closed. :D


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