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Return to the Third Wheel

Ha ha. Poor Azrael. If he still had Grace he’d at least have a snarking buddy there in the background. He’ll have to have a reunion of his own. :3

And thank you for the well wishes! If family stuff coincides with comic drawing, I’ll probably take the break. :3 Right now though it’s kinda flexible (like tonight I had plenty of time!).

Thank you so much for reading!

Edit: Looks like I’m taking that break~ We were running around all day Friday and I’m chilling tonight. We’ll see how Sunday goes~ Love you guys!

Edit #2: Sunday went awesome! After a full day of hanging out with family & friends Saturday, I got to spend Sunday doing the same, ending the day with an epic D&D session that lasted an hour and a half over. :D Thank you for the blessing of a tiny drawing vacation, because I’m enjoying it. But I will absolutely see you guys on Wednesday. :3


Don’t be jealous you don’t get hugs, too, Azzie. I feel like the first genuine hug he gets will be extremely long as well.


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